Special transport

Is your shipment too big for our distribution network or a special vehicle is required under TAPA-A conditions? Again you are at the right address with CTS GROUP!

CTS GROUP Solutions

Special shipment? Special solution!

Although we have various logistical modules and possibilities, it might happen that you have a special shipment with specific requirements. For example, exhibition shipments, in-house deliveries, length deliveries or ‘secured’ transport for valuable goods.

Just let us know; at CTS GROUP Solutions nothing is impossible!

With us each Solution shipment can rely on a customised solution, that we create together with you. So we can assist you will your logistical questions.

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 CTS GROUP Secured

Secured Supply Chain Distribution

If the distribution of high quality goods requires extra safety precautions, CTS uses a so-called “Secured Supply Chain Distribution”.

CTS GROUP has the highest safety standard under TAPA-A conditions. So we can assure for optimum safety within our handling and transport. The complete transport process is done with the help of a unique system, the traces/follows individual pallets based on GPRS. Therefore, each package of your shipment is visible for us at each moment in any place in Europe! As forwarder of high quality goods this service makes it possible to transport your goods by means of a network distribution against a very competitive price. This avoids the deployment of separate vehicles.


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