Groupage Transport with limited transshipments
Air freight distribution A special service for air freight transport
Marketplace distribution Delivery to large distribution centers
Special transport Custom solutions for 'special' transport

Last Mile Delivery

City distribution requires a specific method. Many city centers have environmental zones and require vehicles to meet special (environmental) standards. Moreover, loading and unloading is often only permitted during certain time slots, many shopping streets cannot be reached by large trailers, and most delivery addresses do not have an elaborate loading and unloading setup. Thanks to our highly diverse vehicle fleet, we are always able to deploy a vehicle that will suit the delivery address. Most of our vehicles also have more environmentally friendly EURO-6 engines, which are permitted within all environmental zones. Lastly, our system allows you to specify the drop-off or pick-up time for your shipments when registering your pallet transport.

Randstad Regional Hub

CTS GROUP is one of the initiators of Netwerk Benelux, a distribution network consisting of partnerships with several leading logistical service providers in the Netherlands. Within this network, we are the regional hub for the provinces of North and South Holland. This means that we collect all of the shipments from the entire network at our site, and then handle the regional distribution. We consolidate the shipments so that deliveries are made as quickly and efficiently and with as little mileage as possible. This way, we are able to offer a flexible, sustainable pallet transport solution for all of the cities within the Randstad area.

City distribution across Europe

Apart from being part of Netwerk Benelux, we also partner with various leading distribution networks across Europe, meaning that we are able to provide reliable, efficient, sustainable pallet transport services throughout the whole of Europe.

If you regularly use pallet transport to business addresses across Europe and are looking for a reliable distribution partner, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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