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Our E-commerce Logistics

Fast, accurate processing of your online shop orders has a major impact on the success of your shop. Having a reliable logistical partner will help you achieve this. To complement our regular pallet transport services, we have a subsidiary, Fulfilment Solutions, that is capable of processing all of your online shop orders at the individual item level. The e-commerce logistical services offered by Fulfilment Solutions are of the same standard that you have surely come to expect from CTS GROUP.

Fulfilment Solutions

Fulfilment Solutions is our subsidiary that specializes in e-fulfilment and retail logistics. Thanks to our revolutionary order picking system, an aluminum frame filled with thousands of plastic trays and robots for fast, error-free picking, we are able to provide fast, efficient logistical processing on all of your online shop orders, from retail to corporate clients. You will have full, real-time insight into your inventory and the statuses of all of your orders via our client portal. Moreover, you will receive an automated alert if your threshold inventory quantity is breached, and we can synchronize our system with your shop so that the offering on your shop is always completely up to date. We also provide various value-added services, as well as outbound shipping throughout the whole of Europe, and can even handle the return logistics for you. E-commerce logistics has never been easier!

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your logistical processing and the subsequent transport, please feel free to contact us!

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Outsourcing logistics: these are the pros and cons
Outsourcing logistics: these are the pros and cons
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