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Via deze privacyverklaring wil CTS GROUP inzicht geven hoe wij met de persoonsgegevens van onze cliƫnten, hun wettelijke vertegenwoordigers, belangstellenden en andere relaties omgaan.

    CTS GROUP is located at Schillingweg 50, 2153PL in Nieuw Vennep and the Marketing department is acting data protection officer. If desired, you can contact us by sending a letter to said address or by sending an e-mail to



    The CTS GROUP uses cookies when offering its services.

    Types of cookies

    Cookies used by the CTS GROUP can be divided into different types:

    1. Necessary cookies and cookies for requested services
    Some cookies are indispensable for the proper functioning of our website or for the provision of a service requested by you, such as an automatic login or the automatic completion of your data.

    2. Optimization of cookies
    We use these cookies, among other things, to collect information. With this information we see which pages are visited the most, which pages are effective and which pages produce error messages. With this information we optimize the ease of use of the website and the CTS GROUP does not track individual visitors.

    3. Relevance cookies
    The CTS GROUP and our advertisers use cookies from time to time to provide you with advertisements that we think are relevant to you, based on pages previously requested by you. The CTS GROUP will ask your permission to use these cookies.

    4. Social media and external cookies
    When you are logged into your social media websites (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and have given permission for this category of cookies on the CTS GROUP website, you can use additional functionalities. This includes, for example, the simple sharing of information via Facebook Like, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc. For the cookies that the social media parties place and the possible data they collect with them, we refer to the statements that these parties use on their own. give websites about that. Please note that these statements can change regularly. CTS GROUP has no influence on this.

    Blocking cookies

    Of course it is also possible to block cookies or not to give permission. Most internet browsers can be set so that cookies are not accepted. The way you can do this depends on the browser you are using. You should take into account that certain parts of the CTS GROUP website will not function or will not function optimally when you block cookies. The way in which you can disable cookies differs per browser, click here for the explanation.

    Although CTS GROUP strives for completeness and correctness, it is possible that certain information in this statement is missing or incorrect. We very much appreciate any criticisms and comments regarding this statement, which can be sent to the Data Protection Officer (Marketing Department) by email.

    • This statement applies to all personal data that CTS GROUP processes in the context of its services.
      We process personal data so that we can provide quality services, service and current data to our customer
    • We only ask for the information that we need for the relevant work or services.
    • We do not store the data provided longer than necessary, taking into account the legal retention periods.
    • We do not pass on or sell the data to third parties, unless this is necessary for the handling of the service and is self-evident.
    • Naturally, we also take the necessary protective measures ourselves, so that we minimize the risk of loss or unauthorized access.
    • Within the organization, we ensure that only the persons who need access to the data for the provision of services or the administrative processing thereof. Via the Marketing department you can request written access to who has access to your data.
    • Anyone who knows or thinks that we have collected, processed and stored data about him has the right to ask what we do or have done with his data. After a written request, we will provide you with a complete overview in understandable and written form. In it we state the recipients of the data and, if available, the available information about the origin of the data. Everything goes without saying within the reasonableness of the request and after identification of legality. We always keep an eye on the interests of other parties involved and we will look for an appropriate solution in the event of conflicting interests.
      If you want to use your right to have your data removed from our systems, we will give substance to this, as long as this does not conflict with legal frameworks or endangers the service. All this within the reasonableness of the possibilities. Not all systems in use by CTS GROUP have the ability to completely delete data.
    • We can use profiling to improve the services of CTS GROUP. Where appropriate, we will only use anonymised data.
    • If the processing of personal data is based on your consent, you can also withdraw it, with some exceptions. Naturally, we cannot retroactively reverse the processing. The processing will be stopped, if possible in accordance with laws and regulations, from the moment of withdrawal and the data will be deleted where possible.
    • CTS GROUP is free to adjust the privacy statement without the permission of third parties.

    Delete data

    After visiting you can choose to delete the cookies from your computer. How you can do this differs per browser, click here for the explanation.

    Complete the form below to submit a request to have your data deleted.

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