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Our marketplace logistics

As a marketplace seller, there are different ways to organize your logistics. If your inventory is stored at the platform’s distribution center, and the platform is in charge of the logistical processing, it is important for the inventory to be supplemented on time. At CTS GROUP, we know exactly how to prepare your shipments properly and make sure they meet the incoming goods criteria of the relevant distribution center. Correct delivery is also very important. We developed our marketplace distribution service especially for transport to sales platforms’ distribution centers. For more information, click the button below.


Logistical processing

If you sell via an online platform, but take care of your own logistical processing, we are able to provide you with a suitable service as well! We can take care of your entire logistical processing. Thanks to the options for synchronizing our system with that of various marketplaces, your orders enter our system directly, so that we can start order picking right away. You will have real-time insight into your inventory and order statuses thanks to our client portal. If you need to add specific information to the shipping labels, or want them to be printed using your corporate identity, we’d be happy to discuss the options. And thanks to our partnerships with various leading package delivery services, the subsequent shipment is taken care of as well.

If you are looking for a reliable partner for your logistical processing and the subsequent transport, please feel free to contact us!

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Outsourcing logistics: these are the pros and cons
Outsourcing logistics: these are the pros and cons
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