Air freight distribution

Air freight distribution; a special discipline in logistics that requires much specific knowledge and includes strict requirements and (safety) wishes. But this is no problem for CTS GROUP!

Air freight Distribution

Air freight distribution of CTS GROUP is a daily service for export collection and import unloading of air freight shipments. This services ensures optimum quality, security and ultimate flexibility due to the possibility of late registration and collection of shipments and quicker lead times.

Secured transport 

CTS GROUP is a recognised air freight agent, which means that we can transport and if desired deliver shipments from a known Sender, recognised Agent and regular sender. With the use of various training and courses we ensure that the knowledge level of our employees is continuously at its best and up to date regarding TAPA-A, ADR, air freight security and processing. So we can secure the continuous quality that you are accustomed to.

Customer Service

In order to assist you as good as possible our customer service is available 24 hours per day, seven days a week for all your questions and registrations. So we are always aware of the requirements and wished regarding your shipment!

Air freight processing

At each moment CTS GROUP can distribute your import load or arrange your export load. Boxing, palletising/sealing of your incoming load, splitting of your consolidation and roads/measures are only a few available services. Temporary (customs) storage is also possible.

Special deliveries

Therefore, our slogan is ‘No Limits’! CTS GROUP offers you unlimited possibilities in the field of distribution. Do your shipment contain ADR goods or do you require a Two men delivery? This is all possible with us!

Air freight Service

For fast and time critical shipments we offer you the Air Freight Service, this is a daily service for export air freight collection and import unloading. This service ensures for an optimum quality, flexibility and security with late registration and collection times and quick lead times. Perfect for air freight!

Security Screening

CTS GROUP is a recognized Air Freight Agent and can collect shipments from a known Sender, safely transport these and delivery these if requested. You do not choose safe transport? Then we can also arrange a Security Screening for you.

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