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Development and movement

As a logistics service provider, we are literally and figuratively in a constant state of movement. Therefore, as an organisation we feel a strong connection with organisations and initiatives that stimulate physical and mental movement. For example, various local sports clubs can count on our support, we are main supporter of the Vennipse Vespohal, and logistics partner of the Athletics Union. Moreover, the talent team of the Athletics Union bears our name and in cooperation with Topsport Haarlemmermeer we have founded CTS GROUP Young Talents.

In our opinion, development and movement go further than just sports. As co-founder of HMore, a platform for and by entrepreneurs from the region, sponsor of various networking events and our cooperation with primarily local companies, we want to give entrepreneurship in the region a positive boost. Moreover, as a partner of, among others, Stichting Paswerk, Stichting Werkvloer, and Ons Tweede Thuis we provide persons with a distance to the labour market a place within our organisation.

CTS GROUP Talent Team

Since 2019, we have not only logistics partner of Athletics Union, but we have also attached our name to the talent team. The talent team’s approach fits in nicely with our own philosophy. We are pleased that in this way we can contribute to the development of athletics in the Netherlands and of these talents in particular.

The new composition of the CTS GROUP Talent Team was presented during the NK Indoor Athletics 2020. Watch the video here!

Watch the video

A sustainable future

At CTS GROUP we believe it is important that our employees are healthy and enjoy going to work. By focusing on the sustainable employability of our employees and contributing to the development, work-life balance and the mental and physical health of our employees, we want to optimize job satisfaction within our organization and facilitate a pleasant working environment.

As a logistics service provider, we are aware that our activities have a negative impact on the environment. But we are also convinced that our industry can make a major positive contribution to a sustainable future. By focusing on efficiency and minimizing our footprint in all parts of our organization, we want to contribute to the fight against global warming. You can read more about our activities in the field of sustainable transport via the button below.

Sustainable transport

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