Team 2022 - 2023

The 2022 - 2023 team consists of eight athletes: Chantal Ummels (synchronized swimming), Marit Stam (rhythmic gym), Maxime Karman (military), Steijn Laschewski (gymnastics), Mike de Rooij (judo), Valeria Baars (synchronized swimming), Esmee Boers (dressage) en Elijah Faverus (gymnastics)).


CTS GROUP Young Talents is formed by athletes from Haarlemmermeer who have the potential and drive to reach the international top sport level. Each member of the team has access to a personal budget that can be used to strengthen development as a top athlete. In addition, we provide additional support that can help the athlete reach the summit and meet several times a year to share experiences. The team is supervised by Lisanne de Roever, former Olympic hockey champion and top sports coordinator at Topsport Haarlemmermeer.


Focus on the development of talent

Talent development is also essential in transport and logistics. In order to deliver top quality, it is important that we as an organization always remain in development. Employee training is a big part of this. Within our organization we give our employees the opportunity to continue growing through our Academy. With our Talent Plan we offer the new generation the opportunity to kickstart their career with us. Moreover, we are closely linked to sports. We are, among others, the car sponsor of heptathlon star Anouk Vetter, Academy partner of AZ Alkmaar and logistics partner of Atletiekunie, and multiple local sports clubs can count on our support. We see a great similarity with the mentality within our industry and sport. No-nonsense, approach and always strive for better. We would like to not only help the new generation in our own field, but also give young elite athletes the opportunity to push to the top.

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Anouk Vetter Heptathlon champion
AZ Alkmaar Soccer club in North-Holland
Atletiekunie The Dutch organization of Athletics

The CTS GROUP Talent Team 2020 has been announced
The CTS GROUP Talent Team 2020 has been announced
CTS GROUP official Logistics Partner of Atletiekunie
CTS GROUP official Logistics Partner of Atletiekunie
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