Marketplace distribution

Online marketplaces are booming. Next to the Dutch, marketplaces such as Amazon and Alibaba are gaining ground in Europe. As a seller on these platforms it is extremely important to replenish your stock on time. However, supplying the distribution centres of marketplaces is not an everyday job. As a distribution specialist, we have developed a special product for these shipments: marketplace distribution.

CTS GROUP Marketplace distribution

Since the founding of CTS GROUP in 1995, we have been working on a Europe-wide partner network. For each destination we work with local specialists, which allows us to keep our quality at the highest level. To provide you with the same service for shipments to the distribution centres of marketplaces we have developed a special infrastructure, consisting of the best suitable partners for these deliveries.

Currently, shipments to Amazon have the strictest delivery requirements. This e-commerce platform works with “preferred carriers” and shipments must be delivered within a specific time slot. At CTS GROUP we have the required knowledge and experience to assist you with these shipments. We are happy to take the entire process, from booking to delivery, out of your hands. Click here for our blog post about Amazon deliveries (Dutch).

  1. Register the shipment at Amazon via your personal Amazon portal. After registration you will receive the specific information needed for the booking of the shipment.
  2. Book the shipment via our My CTS GROUP, our customer website. Please pass on the required information that you have received from Amazon. Once we have received this information, we will make a booking and request a time slot with Amazon. Unfortunately, we cannot accept shipments that have already been booked at Amazon.
  3. Prepare your shipment according to the applicable delivery criteria of the specific Amazon distribution centre. A few points of attention are: correct pallet size, maximum height and weight, correct packaging, correct labeling and the complete Bill of Lading. Also, please don’t forget the CTS GROUP shipping labels.
  4. We collect your shipment and ensure that it will be delivered to the Amazon distribution centre within the given the time slot. The delivery date depends on the “delivery slot” given by Amazon.
  5. CTS GROUP cannot be held liable for Amazon penalties resulting from delays or other incidents on delivery.

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