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Below you will find more information on our possibilities, durations and county specific situation.


Many of us only know Norway and the Norwegians from the contest that is fought out during the skating matches but there is more.

Norway has a surface of 385.155 km² and a coast line of over 25.000 km. Due to the relatively low number of residents of 4.812.200, the population density is not even 13 per km² and many parts of the country are dominated by nature: forests, fjords, glaciers and lakes are typical for the Norwegian landscape.


Norway is divided in 10 regions. In each region we offer daily departures in three different duration periods:

  • Priority: 4 days
  • Road Express: 5 days
  • Economy: 6 days

Apart from that, we also offer various customised solutions.

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Changes timetable

Please take note when booking shipments around the following holidays and bank holidays in 2020:

New Year’s Day – January 1
Good Friday – April 10
Easter – April 12 + 13
Labor Day – May 1
Constitution Day – May 17
Ascension Day – May 21
Pentecost – May 31 + June 1
Christmas – December 25 + 26

On these days the Norwegian government agencies, banks and shops are closed.