ADR / Dangerous goods

Also your shipments that contain dangerous substances – so-called ADR shipments – are not a problem for CTS GROUP. However, it is important that you inform us beforehand that your shipment contains dangerous substances. So we can process the shipment accordingly, make sure that all the requirements are met and offer you the service that you expect of us!

There are many substances that can be included to the group of dangerous substances due to their specific features. Depending on the specific features these are divided in danger categories. In professional haulage it is important that dangerous substances are divided in certain groups. This to manage the risks on health and environment.

The handling of environmentally hazardous goods is done in our ADR – chemical warehouse. This warehouse complies with all requirements. Only the smaller ADR shipments go through our short-term “cross-docking” (handling); we transport larger shipments directly from your sender to the receiver (door-to-door).

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