Inbound Logistics

When your shipment arrives, we unload the goods, we carefully check the quantities and the condition of the goods, we register these with our Warehouse Management Systems and store these easily and orderly.

Warehouse Management

CTS GROUP offers you the possibility to set-up the logistical processing of your shipment in accordance with the principle of Dedicated Warehousing, whether or not in combination with turn-key office facilities. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the basis for the processing of orders. The WMS is a web application that gives you clear insight in the order processing and the status of your goods. The Transport Management System (TMS) is integral connected to WMS, so you can closely follow your orders from the moment they are ordered to the moment they are delivered!

CTS GROUP organises the safe, correct storage of your goods and keep these fully in stock in our secured warehouse. With our small, average and large storage possibilities you will only use the space that you require, therefore you will ever pay too much!

Do your goods have to transported directly to your customers? We will not take the shipment into stock but we divide the lots and directly send them through!

Storage in our customs warehouse, clearance, fiscal representation or the preparation and supply of various customs documents. All customs matters can be arranged by us!

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