Online marketplaces are booming. More and more B2C and B2B sellers see opportunities in these platforms and offer their products. We have known in the Netherlands for years, but Amazon is also gaining ground in Europe. This US e-commerce platform has already opened several distribution centers in Europe and continues to focus on expansion. As a seller on Amazon it is important that your stock is always sufficient, but delivering it to the distribution centers does have some feet. What you should keep in mind? You read it here!

Specific delivery criteria per distribution center

In order to supply Amazon’s distribution centers, it is important that you prepare the shipment correctly. If the shipment does not meet the specific requirements, Amazon will not accept the shipment, your stock will not be replenished and you as a seller can be fined. So it is important that you follow Amazon’s regulations carefully.

Amazon’s delivery criteria are regularly updated by the e-commerce company and vary by distribution center. It is therefore essential for you as a seller to read the manual carefully and check it regularly for changes. To help you get started we have compiled the “10 commandments from Amazon”. Here are ten points to look out for when preparing the shipment for delivery to an Amazon distribution center. We strongly advise you to consult Amazon’s specific delivery criteria yourself. These can be found via Seller Central or Vendor Central, the portal where you can view and manage all your products on Amazon.

Amazon’s Ten Commandments:

  1. Make sure that your shipment is registered via your personal Amazon portal
  2. Choose the correct pallet size
  3. Keep to the maximum height
  4. Keep to the maximum weight
  5. Use the correct seal
  6. Provide the shipment with Amazon’s specific labels and make sure you stick them in the right place.
  7. Add the correct documents, the so-called Bill of Lading, with all data to the shipment.
  8. Use neutral packaging and make sure there are no unauthorized markings or promotional materials other than those from Amazon.
  9. Always place a separately sold product heavier than 30 kg on a loose pallet and add warning labels.
  10. Please notify Amazon if the shipment contains items that require special handling. This can be done via “Contact Us” in your Amazon portal.

Choose the right carrier

In addition to ensuring that the consignment is built up properly as a shipper, carriers also have to deal with certain rules. For example, they are assigned a specific time slot within which the shipment must be delivered. If they fail to do this, this could have consequences for you as a seller. In addition, Amazon works with “preferred carriers”. These carriers regularly deliver shipments to Amazon and often have fixed slot times for unloading shipments.

Marketplace distribution

In order to properly carry out shipments to the distribution of marketplaces, and in particular Amazon, we will soon be launching a special product for this. Do you already want more information about distribution to marketplaces or our other possibilities in the field of European distribution and logistics? Get in touch with us!