Brexit is a fact. The impact this will have on transport to and from the United Kingdom must be clear from the agreements made during the transition period. However, it is almost certain that from 1 January 2021 customs documents will have to be drawn up for transport from / to the UK.

As a full-service logistics service provider, we are happy to take care of the additional matters such as the preparation of customs documents for you in addition to your European distribution and logistics. In the run-up to Brexit, several employees trained to become customs experts. For example, colleague Dylan recently completed the training to become a customs declaration assistant. With a 9!

“I have been part of the Forwarders account team for the customer service of CTS GROUP for more than three years. Very nice work, but I also wanted to grow further. When I indicated this, I was given the opportunity to follow the ‘Junior Customs Consultant’ course. A great opportunity! For about 14 weeks I followed classroom lessons at Schiphol on Thursday evening and learned the basics about customs matters and formatting documents. I now have my certificate in my pocket and I am looking forward to applying the lessons in practice. ”

At CTS GROUP we stand for no limits in development. In addition to continuing to innovate our service and responding to new developments, we also think it is important that our employees can continue to develop and we like to think along if they, like Dylan, want to take the next step in their career. For this we have set up the CTS GROUP Academy.