CTS GROUP Distribloks

CTS GROUP is specialised in European distributions and logistics. Therefore, our slogan has been for years ‘NO LIMITS’! Each time we pull all our stops out for you!

We offer you unlimited possibilities and we like to give you the opportunity to choose. After all each shipment is different; with one shipment a quick delivery time is important while with another shipment the duration time is subservient, but the tailgate is essential.

To give you a good review of our unlimited possibilities we have designed Distribloks. So you can compose your own shipment that suits all your requirements and we have the necessary information to provide you with the best possible service. And you will never pay too much. So a win-win situation!


Distribloks: compose your shipment in three steps!

  1. START BLOCK: choose the service level of the shipment
  2. OPTION BLOCK: now add the additional services
  3. TOP BLOCK: complete the shipment with the extras


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