CTS GROUP Distribution

European distribution, that is our speciality, for more than 20 years. With our unique Distribloks-concept you can compose you own shipment. You choose the duration time, the required service level and possible additional services. So you are always flexible and you have your own control on the costs!

CTS GROUP offers distribution in almost all European countries. With daily departures and various duration times we can truthfully say that we are a unique kind. You can come to us with all your distribution questions, after all our slogan is ‘No limits!’

CTS GROUP is the right address for:


Daily departures throughout the whole of Europe, with various duration times for each destination; that is CTS GROUP! You can easily enter and review your shipments online. So you are always informed and you will know quickly when it has been delivered.


With our own fleet we ensure that your fragile and high quality shipment is delivered safely, without over loading. Our drivers have special Trach & Trace equipment so we always know where your pallet is located. Additional advantage: the shipment can be signed off on the original delivery note!

Special transport

You can also come to us for deviating shipments! Deviating measures, exhibition shipments or secured transport of high quality products. CTS GROUP has the various required certificates and solutions to help you along with this type of shipments. Please enquire about the possibilities!

Air freight distribution

Air freight distribution is a special discipline within the distribution. At CTS GROUP we have specialist available who know all about this type of sport! These people know everything about the specific requirements and (safety) wished that are involved with air freight distribution and they will always think along with you.