Keep developing yourself

With the CTS GROUP Academy, we give our employees the opportunity to tap into their full potential. Together with each employee, we draw up a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which sets out the objectives for the coming period, and discuss individual ambitions and how they can be achieved. In addition, all employees can participate in plenary in-house training sessions. These training sessions ensure that the mutual relationships are good, the employees are all on the same page, and the work is carried out correctly. Would you like to learn more about your own work, work towards a departmental transition or to a higher level? We are happy to look at the possibilities with you.

Learning on the job

  • Learn about new developments via plenary in-house training courses
  • Access to an online portal with more than 100 softskill training courses.
  • External course or trainings

Online learning

Those who learn are more confident and feel more comfortable, more complete, smarter, and more successful which is why all employees have access to GoodHabitz, an online training platform for softskill training in the areas of personal development, language, and Microsoft Office. Convenient for work, but especially in your private life.

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