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With more than 62 million residents and a surface of 551.550 km2 France is one of the largest counties in Europe. The country consists of 99 departments that are ordered by alphabet. Apart from easy accessible industrial areas, France also has destinations that are much more difficult to reach, such as the French Alps or remote areas with a bad infrastructure.

For lorries with an allowed total weight of more than 7.5 tons a driving ban is applicable in France from Saturday 22.00 hours to Sunday 22.00 hours. This driving ban also applies on bank holidays: the previous day to a bank holiday 22.00 hours to the bank holiday 22.00 hours.

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France is divided in 16 regions. In each region we offer daily departures in three different duration periods:

  • Priority: 24 hours
  • Road Express: 48 hours
  • Economy: 72 hours

These duration periods can vary for certain regions.
Apart from that, we also offer various customised solutions in France.

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Changes timetable

Please take note when booking shipments around the following holidays and bank holidays in 2020:

New Year’s Day – January 1
Easter – April 12 + 13
Labor Day – May 1
Fête de la Victoire – May 8
Ascension Day – May 21
Pentecost – May 31 + June 1
Bastille Day (National Holiday) – July 14
Assumption of Mary – August 15
All Saints Day – November 1
Armistice Day (Jour de l’Armistice) – November 11
Christmas – December 25 + 26

On these days the French government agencies, banks and shops are closed.